Unsigned – CD duplication or Download?

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The future of CD duplication

For unsigned bands working in the current age of technology, a division is apparent between the quick and easy method of downloadable content and the traditional use of CD duplication.

CD duplication or downloadDevelopment in computer software has certainly contributed to the mass-online market of download-able tracks. With Apple’s Mac software, such as GarageBand and iTunes, unsigned artists are given the opportunity to produce music efficiently in their own homes and upload it to various music sites. Although MySpace no longer holds a central role in the world of social networking, it did establish the method for bands to create a place in the music community and share updates and new songs.

Is the world is beginning to forget about CD duplication in such a fast-paced culture. But are they really useless to the unsigned artist?

At gigs in particular, having CDs available for sale is a great asset. It gives potential fans the opportunity to purchase music if they enjoyed the show, increasing your current fan-base and getting your music out there. Not everybody will remember to surf the Internet later on, but a CD-in-hand will never go forgotten.

Further more, music transforms into something real when turned into a physical object – not just a sound coming from earphones. It gives unsigned bands the chance to see what they’ve really created: A piece of art. Designing the contents of your band’s CD is exciting and paves the way for increased recognition throughout the music community. To give somebody a physical CD is more efficient than asking somebody to ‘look you up’.

If you’re really smart, you’ll realise more profit can be made from this method. CD Duplication is quick and cheap; selling your new album in physical form can bring you more than an  iTunes sale can.

Taking into consideration these reasons, it’s easy to see why the CD has survived the whirlpool of music downloads. There is still life and potential in the CD that can achieve in areas where the Internet cannot. Unsigned bands looking to share their music should keep on self-producing and putting tracks online. Unsigned artists looking to move forward with their music career need to remember that  CD duplication is not of the last generation and remains an essential tool for success.

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