Can Pinterest help promote your band online?

Posted on April 26, 2012 by dave No Comments

If you need to promote your band online there are a wealth of social media opportunities out there.

Keeping up with them can be tough as they grow in number and popularity. With Pinterest starting to make a breakthrough I wanted to see if there was any value beyond the simplicity of pinning pictures to the pin board to enable you to promote your band online.

After a very quick search it seems to me that the answer is yes – for sure. Apart from ‘pinning’ your videos photos and graphics, you can follow and be followed in the same way you can on any other social media network.

There is a browser button you can drag into place which makes adding anything you come across on the web to you ‘boards’ a breeze. Pin from you tube and photo galleries websites and blogs.

So give it a go, easy to setup and use and who knows you might just find another more graphical way to promote your band online.

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