CD Replication

If you are looking for quantities of CDs or DVDs that are higher than the 500 mark then you need to get a quote for CD replication.

CD Replication

What’s the difference between CD replication and duplication?

In a nutshell, duplicated CDs are created from blank CDr discs and burned with data. CD replication is when the process is on a more industrial scale in a factory (hence a slightly longer turnaround) where large numbers of discs are created from scratch in the manufacturing process. Usually you would look at moving to CD replication if you need a quantity of around 500 discs upwards as the cost becomes much lower than for duplicated discs.

Why would you not use CD replication all the time then?

Cd duplication still has a role to play for smaller quantities, the quality is great and the turnaround time can be super fast if you need discs in a hurry to sell last minute at a gig. So thinking big? Give us a call or send an inquiry specifying what you need and we’ll get back to you sharpish with an awesome deal.



CD and DVD replication provides a varied range of packaging options that are not availabe on shorter runs including:

  • Digi Packs in various formats
  • Printed card wallets
  • Traditional CD and DVD cases.

Packaging can also be provided in various finishes from standard machine varnish to gloss, matt and spot colours.

Feel free to call and discuss the options, we’ll be happy to help.