DVD and CD duplication FAQs


+How do I order?
Simply choose the package you want from our pricing page and submit your order. You’ll then go through a couple of steps to create your account. Once setup you can visit your dashboard at ‘any time’ to upload your artwork, check progress and make your payment.
+How and when do I pay?
Once your order has been placed you can pay at any stage – either before or after you have submitted your artwork and/or masters. We won’t of course be able to get the run going for you until payment has gone through. We use PayPal for payment handling.
+What is the turnaround time?
Turnaround times are based on working days and from the day of receipt of that last component of your order. For example when we have your final artwork, your master and your payment.
+I need them urgently, like tomorrow. Can you help?
We offer a 48 hour service based on working days but we never like to leave a customer in a crisis. If you have a project that has to be there ‘this afternoon’ give contact us – we’ll do our very best to help – we’re good like that.


+How do I submit my master for duplication?
We prefer that you send the master of your project to us using the mail service rather than digital uploads. We can accept masters this way if there is a massive time constraint. But as a rule post it please – signed for is a good idea too.

Masters should be sent to: Discburner, 6 Woodside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming GU6 1LG

+What's the best way to prepare my master?
Before submitting your master carefully listen all the way through, checking that you are happy with the levels, that the tracks are in the right order and that there is a gap between each track (unless you specifically want it otherwise). Use a high quality CD-R and when burning your master and use the
slowest speed possible, preferably x4 speed. You should find the setting for this in your burning software.


+How do I send you my artwork?
Just login to your MyDiscburner account or place your order if you haven’t already done so and you’ll see the ‘Upload’ link. You simply upload your files directly through your account. You’ll get notified that they have arrived too.
+How do I use your templates?
Download the templates you need and open them up in a graphics package of your choice, like any of the Adobe suite, Corel or Gimp (a freebie Google it).

Instructions are on the templates to make it easy.

The template is on a layer and you add your designs on top of that layer. When you’re done TURN OFF the template layer and save it as a Flattened PDF file.

A common mistake is not letting background colour or images stretch right to the very, very, very – outer edge of the template. This is called bleed.

+Must I use your templates to submit artwork?
It’s not compulsory, but if you have used something else, please just compare against our templates before you send them through that the bleed, resolution and layout matches, or they may be rejected.
+What software do I need to create my artwork?
You can use any of the Adobe suite – Photoshop etc, Corel or Gimp (a freebie Google it). If you don’t have these download a 30 day trial of Photoshop and use that.
+Can you create the artwork for me?
Absolutely, please call or email us with your requirements and we’ll get a quote back to you. Costs are usually from £35 – £55 for a complete package. Orders requiring the design service need to have been paid for, for us to work on the design for you. Our team are awesome by the way. You’ll get proofs and edits to make sure it’s just what you need.
+Should my artwork be RGB or CMYK?
Easy one – CMYK. We’ll convert it to this if it’s RGB and while most of the time there are no issues it can mess with some colours
+What is dpi?
Dpi or Dots per inch is the resolution of graphics/images. 72dpi is great for the web as they small and quick to load, but not suitable for print. We require the resolution to be 300 dpi. When you use our templates in something like Photoshop, just opening the file will set the dpi just as it should be.
+Do I get an approval/proof copy?
We don’t supply approval copies generally. We’ve been in this business for nearly nine years now and found that we can’t maintain our super low prices by offering that as a service by default and our customers are always delighted with the quality we supply. We can produce a one off copy fully finished but there is a £30 charge for this.


+What is the difference between Duplication and Replication?
Duplication is rapid copying printing and packaging of smaller quantities of CDs or DVDs, usually up to around 5-700 units. When producing thousands, replication is used involving the production of a ‘glass master’ and then are larger scale factory manufacturing process to produce the discs. This service takes longer, around 12 – 15 days but with high volumes can be more cost effective.
+What media do you use?
We use high quality grade AAA media for our duplication which contain the industry standard Taiyo Yuden dyes allowing the most reliable duplication. Our machines also check each copy to make sure it is a 100% accurate to the master, anything less is rejected. Our packaging materials are also only ever pro-grade so not flimsy or fragile plastics as some suppliers use.
+What’s the quality of the print like on the discs?
Gorgeous – What else would we say! 4800 dpi direct to body printing using auto loading machines capable of producing four consecutive print runs. Our duplication machines check every single copy that is made against the master, rejecting any disc that isn’t 100% accurate. All in all top notch.