DVD duplication services

When you are choosing  a DVD duplication company there are many things that you should consider when making your decision.

Everyone is always concerned about price. You need to be sure you are getting the best value, while at the same time being certain that low prices don’t mean compromising on quality. We make absolutely sure that choosing Discburner for CD duplication or DVD duplication will be a smart choice for you.

How does Discburner keep DVD duplication prices low without compromising on quality?

The system we use for managing orders is extremely efficient. This allows us and you to easily monitor the progress of the run as it goes through the system. We always ensure that masters and artwork supplied are kept on file linked to your DVD duplication account. This means that future runs are quick and easy and you won’t need to submit your material again.

What processes do you use for DVD duplication?

cheap DVD duplication order trackingWe use only certified grade A DVD’s for duplication. This ensures good performance and durability. Our DVD duplication machines are set to verify every single copy that is made, and to reject any that don’t match the master exactly.

When it comes to printing on the surface of the discs we use high resolution inkjet machines which print at a staggering 4800 dpi.

The paper parts that often accompany our DVD duplication packages are of the highest quality. We have an industrial digital press and a chain of finishing machines which ensure that every cut, fold and crease are perfect. These machines use a barcode system so that order tracking is a breeze.

The final stage of the process is done the good old fashioned way, by hand. Our team of assemblers manually put together every one of the units that we ship. This not only ensures perfection but also acts as a final quality check as any DVD’s that are misprinted are rejected and replaced.

When your DVD duplication order is ready for shipping we enter your details into our shipping system. Our courier then informs you of a one hour delivery slot in which your order will arrive. You can of course change this if you need to.

Excellent quality and guaranteed delivery times ensure that you will have a superior product delivered at exactly the time you need. And thanks to our constant monitoring of our competitors prices, you’ll be getting all this at the cheapest DVD duplication prices available online.